Universal evaluation engine.
Impact. Externalities. Cobenefits.
Accounting for impact, beyond GDP.

Putting nature on the balance sheet.
Ensuring free markets account for the true full real cost.

Accounting for triple bottom line has been an unsolved problem until now...


Some things in the current economic system are legal and profitable because they do not account for full cost, that is externalized to nature (that is not an infinite resource).Illustrative example of value system and economics:
• Fresh air: no value.
• Polluted air: disease, medical bills, good for the economy 🤷
The opioid epidemics and addiction as business model is even more extreme. Another example (from IMF) is the value of an elephant:


(it is much more than the black market price for ivory, meat, skin)

Mutliple evaluation metrics

* Ecological Benefits Framework
* Planetary Boundaries
* United Planet


We designed the platform to be metric agnostic.In fact we want to obtain data using a variety of metrics to establish a baseline and with the help of AI establish a new standard.There is a number of features that sets are apart:

  • Scalability

  • Transparency

  • Inclusivity

  • Incentives

Explore the, check the pitchdeck, read the whitepaper, or try out our beta:

Climate emergency

In order address the climate situation we need to address the underlying root causes, such as economic system that is programmed for infinite growth, without taking into account the externalities - we tackling the root causes and we genuinely believe that BaseX is an important part of civilisational infrastructure serving humanity.

Origins of the BaseX

Our starting point was the existing carbon credit markets that are opaque and have high bareer of entry - prohibitively complicated to onboard individual farmers.

Workflow of operations


Create an entity

We encourage organisations and individuals to participate in BaseX evaluation platform.


Submit impact report

It is possible to reuse existing impact reports or create a new one specifically for this occassions. Make sure to include supporting evidence.


Evaluation and fact-checking

We leverage Kleros and community of jurors to ensure that reports and evaluations reflect the reality.

Unique advantages

Partner with BaseX

We are looking to partner with philanthropic donors to help them in measuring impact.Our first partner is Climate Coordination Network.

We are in this together

Open-source public good with sustainable business model

We are open-source, building in public and we treat our work as public good from the very beginning.Even though we are not a typical 1000x VC backed startup we have a number of way how the BaseX is going to generate the revenue which will be sufficient to sustain and grow the operations.

Thank you

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